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What Makes PACT Nail Treatment So Effective?

What Makes PACT Nail Treatment So Effective?

Fungal nail infections can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially because of the incredibly long amount of time that needs to be endured while waiting for nails to healthily grow back. Oral medications are far from benign and often put patients at risk of a range of side effects. Because of this, many people are unable to take oral medication and resort to topical treatments, which can take several months to work.

This is where PACT Nail Treatment comes in. This laser therapy treatment option is not only painless and extremely effective, but it’s also 100% safe with no contraindications. Read on to learn why PACT Nail Treatment might be the right solution for you.

Fast-Acting Solution

Unlike topical and oral treatments, there’s no need to wait several months for fresh, uninfected nails to grow out. This is because PACT specifically targets molecules that induce fungal cell death without affecting surrounding tissue.

Patients do have to return for follow-up sessions for assessment and possibly further treatment depending on the severity of the infection, but this is still much more cost effective than constantly repurchasing effective medications.


No Damage to Nails

As we mentioned before, PACT Nail Treatment does not affect surrounding tissue, meaning there is no damage caused to the actual nail. This is thanks to a combination of a sensitising drug and visible light, that selectively targets the bacteria, viruses and fungi on skin surfaces and toenails.

Once treatment is complete and preventative measures are taken against future infections, the nail will continue to grow as normal with zero side effects.


Safe for Everyone

The treatment has no known contraindications as the repeated exposure to light does not produce any adverse effects. Unlike oral medications, PACT Fungal Nail Treatment does not put patients at risk of adverse kidney effects, liver effects or medication interactions.

Children, the elderly and patients with underlying systemic disease can all undergo PACT safely and without discomfort – no pain or heat is emitted during treatment.

At Mint Footcare, our skilled podiatrists deliver this safe and highly effective fungal nail treatment to a wide range of patients. Even the most severe cases are suitable for PACT laser treatment. Call us on 1300 975 980 to find out more about how we can help you.

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