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So, You Have Nail Fungus – How Do You Get Rid of It?

So, You Have Nail Fungus – How Do You Get Rid of It?

Nail fungus is a contagious infection that can be difficult to get rid of, so you’ll want to treat it as soon as possible if you have it.

Unfortunately, DIY treatments and home remedies often won’t do for nail fungus, especially if you have a severe case that requires more intensive treatment.

If you want to eliminate fungal nail infections quickly and effectively, you’ll need professional help to treat it. There are a variety of medical treatments available for treating nail fungus, and the solution prescribed to you will depend on the type of nail fungus you have, its severity and your lifestyle.

Some of the most common medical treatments used include:

Oral Antifungal Medication

Oral medication is often one of the first lines of treatment for treating nail fungus, providing a simple solution for managing nail fungus and clearing the infection. These medications help toenails grow fungus-free, allowing new nail cells to grow without infection. Eventually, these new healthy nail cells will replace the infected parts, giving you a fungus-free toenail once it’s fully grown out.

These medications, however, are often a long-term solution, requiring weeks of regular intake and monitoring before seeing results.

It may not also be suitable for older patients or those with certain medical conditions or special medication.

Antifungal Creams

Aside from oral medication, topical antifungal creams are also often prescribed as an initial medical treatment for minor cases of fungal nails.

These creams are typically applied on the infected areas to inhibit the growth of the fungus. To make them more effective, the infected toenails are often thinned out before application using a file or other similar tool. This allows the cream to reach the deeper surfaces of the nail where the fungus may be embedded.

PACT Fungal Treatment

For severe case of nail fungus, or for those who simply want a quick and effective nail fungus treatment, PACT fungal treatment is often the best option.

PACT (Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy) is a revolutionary nail fungus treatment that uses light to treat the fungus on the infected parts of your nail. It relies on the interaction between a photosensitive agent, oxygen and light to kill fungus cells without harming the surrounding tissues. This makes it one of the safest and most painless treatments for removing infected fungal nails. There are also no known contra-indications for PACT fungal treatment, making it a great alternative for those who can’t take oral medication or topical treatments.

PACT fungal treatment can be used for treating every level of nail fungal infection, and mild infections can be removed in as little as three sessions.

Have Your Nail Fungus Treated ASAP

Want to save time and get rid of your fungal nails properly? Book an appointment with our podiatrist. We will be able to determine the best treatment option for you. The right treatment will depend on several factors, and our podiatrist can help you decide what will work best for your case and preferences. Whether you have mild nail fungus or a more severe case that requires more intensive treatment, we’ll help you treat it properly so you can get rid of it entirely as soon as possible.

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