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Our podiatrists are experts in the care and treatment of skin and nail conditions of the feet.  Our team of podiatrists can help prevent many common painful conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns, toenail fungus, callouses and cracked heels. Self-treatment can often worsen conditions and lead to possible infections.

Our luxury podiatry clinic offers a variety of general podiatry services that treat a wide range of foot issues, ensuring that your feet remain healthy and always look their best. If you want high quality treatment options for yourself or your loved ones, visit our podiatry clinic in Wynnum. We also offer podiatry services for Brisbane, Manly, Morningside, Cannon Hill, Tingalpa and Lota. You can also call 1300 975 980 or book an appointment online.

Medical Pedicures

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At Mint Foot Care, we call our general skin and nail care treatments Medical Pedicures.

We combine the indulgence of a pedicure treatment with the expert care and hygiene of qualified podiatrists to give you a unique foot care experience. Our highly qualified podiatrists will carefully analyse your current circumstance and provide the necessary treatment to bring your skin and nails back to a beautiful condition.

All our medical pedicures include expert nail care, corn and callus removal with the spa indulgence of a peppermint foot soak, peppermint-infused cold hand towel, peppermint-infused hot foot towel and a peppermint lotion foot massage.

Corns and Callus

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Corns and Callus can easily be treated by our podiatrist, usually by ‘debridement’, which involves scraping off the dead skin with a scalpel. Our podiatrist will also assess why these lesions may be there in the first place and provide some strategies to help you prevent them in the future. This may include prescribing correctly fitting footwear, pressure deflection devices or custom orthotics.


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Professional nail care using sterile equipment is an essential part of any good foot care regime. Our podiatrists are trained to identify conditions and provide the appropriate treatment you need at Mint Foot Care.

We treat a wide range of nail conditions such as ingrown toenails, thickened toenails, deformed toenails, fungal infected toenails, and partially detached toenails. All treatments are done by our trained podiatrists, ensuring professional treatment and care for whatever nail issues you’re dealing with.

Our nail treatments are aimed at prevention and early intervention to encourage the health and growth of your toenails.

Fungal Infections

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Fungal infections of the foot can affect either your skin or toenails. Our podiatrists can provide a clinical diagnosis by physical examination and, if needed, a microscopy and/or culture of nail or skin specimens. Routine foot care, application of prescribed topical antifungal solution/cream and PACT (Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy) laser may be part of your treatment plan. We can also provide advice and recommendations on hygiene and management.

Fungal infections are notorious for being tricky and irritating, so we’ll make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment for your condition. Our podiatrists are experienced in the treatment of different types of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails, providing safe and effective treatments for common foot fungal issues.

Additional Services/Add Ons

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As a preferred luxury podiatry clinic in Brisbane, we also offer a variety of indulgent and relaxing foot services that can enhance your well-being and condition of your feet. These health spa treatments are designed to refresh and reinvigorate your feet, making them feel renewed and energised – just as they should be!

Indulge in an intensely moisturising peppermint paraffin wax bath, decadent peppermint foot scrub or detoxifying peppermint foot mask which deeply conditions and revitalises the skin.

Whether your feet need some pampering after a long week or a deep treatment to revitalise your muscles after a gruelling training session, these treatments will help you give your feet the care and attention they deserve.


Hand Finger Touching Heels

Give your feet and nails the best care available by receiving the perfect foot care treatment from our podiatrist. We offer a wide range of clinical foot treatments and indulgent foot care services, so you have everything you need to keep your feet in optimum condition. Our luxury podiatry clinic in Brisbane will also help you deal with any nagging foot issues, preventing such problems from recurring. Book a consultation online to schedule a session with our podiatrist, or contact us if you have any questions about our general podiatry services.


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