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Luxury Podiatry Clinic Near Wellington Point

If you’re looking for a nearby podiatry clinic in Wellington Point, you’d be pleased to learn that Mint Foot Care offers comprehensive foot and lower limb treatment services.

Since we opened our doors back in 2004, we’ve made it our mission to provide Brisbane and the surrounding areas with highly reliable foot care services in a relaxing and comfortable setting. At Mint Foot Care, your podiatrist will make you feel pampered while being properly cared for. We’ve set ourselves apart by placing emphasis on providing a calm and peaceful space for healing.

Rest assured that our foot and ankle clinic is fully equipped to address even the most complicated of issues. Turn to us to assess your condition and provide a comprehensive treatment program to help you regain your full mobility.

Our Services

We provide a complete range of foot and lower leg treatments and services that will keep them fully mobile and functional for a long period.

Are you dealing with mobility issues, discomfort or pain in your foot or lower limb? Contact us today to schedule a proper diagnosis and treatment assessment.

Why You’ll Love Mint Foot Care

Comprehensive Treatments

Enjoy a diverse range of professional podiatry services which can accurately address both common and complicated foot and leg ailments. From medical issues and sports injuries to daily wear and tear, rest assured that our passion for the service will work for your benefit every time.

Emphasis on Self-Care

At Mint Foot Care, we go well beyond traditional clinically based treatments. We achieve this by placing as much emphasis on ensuring that you’re cared for in a relaxing environment. Proper treatments work better when conducted in a calm and relaxing environment, and this is our offer to you.

Not Your Typical Clinic

When you pay us a visit, you’ll quickly realise that our setting is no ordinary podiatry treatment centre. Instead of a whitewashed, sterile setting, you’ll be greeted with a spa-like ambience to help you relax. We believe that healing should be a complete process, and this includes calming the mind in preparation for recovery

A Podiatrist Near Wellington Point You Can Trust

If you’re from this part of the Redlands and are looking for reliable podiatry services, Mint Foot Care welcomes you with open arms. Our highly accessible podiatry clinic will just be a short drive or a quick commute from your location. We have always been the go-to foot treatment centre for clients from your area. Visit us during your most convenient time.

Take the first step towards your full recovery by booking an appointment online. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss your issues with our friendly team or visit us during our regular hours. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you recover from whatever might be holding you back.

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    Hammer Toes

    A hammer toe deformity causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward. This deformity can affect any toe on your foot. It most often affects the second or third toe. It usually develops over time due to arthritis, muscular imbalances, wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as tight, pointed heels. The most common causes […]

    Date:6 April 8, 2021

    Toe Walking

    A custom Supra-Malleolar Orthotic (SMO) device with a high heel raise and forefoot lock for a 8 year old patient with sensory toe walking due to global development delay. The SMO has an extension to the toes to block flexion at the forefoot to an extent to prevent toe walking and the high heel raise […]

    Date:6 February 26, 2021

    5 Reasons to Have Orthotics

    Pain Orthotics can help offload areas of pain and redistribute stresses acting on certain muscles or structures in your feet and legs. This will not only help with relieving pain but also allow for recovery. Rehabilitation Orthotics are a great modality to use in combination with rehabilitation as it will help you maintain correct form […]

    Date:6 February 16, 2021


    Warts are infections of the skin that appear as raised bumps, caused by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. There are many types of warts caused by many different types of HPV. Although most warts are not harmful, they are contagious, ugly, and on occasion – painful. Anyone can be affected by warts, but they are […]

    Date:6 October 29, 2020
  • BONE


    Sesamoids are small bones connected by tendons to muscles most commonly found in the big toe. Sesamoiditis generally happens when those tendons become inflamed. This condition can be the result of overuse, strain, or trauma. High activity sports like netball or dancing, and regular wear of high heels or tight shoes are all contributing factors […]

    Date:6 September 21, 2020
  • BONE

    Osgood Schlatter Disease

    Osgood-Schlatter disease is a common reason for knee pain in developing adolescents. It is the inflammation and irritation of the area just below the knee; where the patella tendon in the knee attaches to the shinbone. It most often occurs during puberty with growth spurts, when bones, ligaments and muscles are rapidly changing. Physical activities […]

    Date:6 September 2, 2020